Pressure Washing Service in Kalamazoo MI Tips

Pressure Washing Service in Kalamazoo MI Tips

Pressure Washing Service in Kalamazoo MI Tips


Power washing is essential from time to time to keep your roof and gutters free from grime, rot, and dirt. That being said, mishandling your power washer can result in broken pots, window panes, roof tiles, and all sorts of other damage to your house.


Thus, it is vital that you know the most common mistakes that users of pressure washers commit when cleaning their homes. With an awareness and understanding of how these blunders arise, you can avoid them and use your power washer to clean your house effectively and safely.


Without further ado, here are three common mistakes people make when power washing:


  1. Using the wrong pressure settings


One common mistake that pressure washer users make is using the wrong pressure settings. While users can control the pressure levels of the water coming off the nozzle, they don’t know how much pressure is adequate or too much for specific jobs and surfaces. Since your house is made of various materials and not made from a block of depleted uranium, you will need to know the appropriate pressure for each task or surface you have to clean.


It’s easy to accidentally strip leaves off your hedges and cladding off your wall if you are using your power washer at a pressure setting much too high. Some materials are prone to damage at even lower water pressure levels than others, so it is essential that you know which pressure setting to use and when to change these settings when cleaning from one part of the house to another. To avoid this mistake, you need to review the power washer’s instruction manual or call the manufacturer to voice your questions and concerns.


  1. Forgetting the soap


There is only so much that high-pressure jets of water can do without soap. It’s a no-brainer that you need a soap solution when using your pressure washer to clean up the built-up grime in difficult-to-access areas in your home. Yet, many users tend to forget to add soap. There are pressure washer detergents they can buy and use for their power washers, so don’t forget to pick some up for your cleaning job as well.


  1. Discounting the value of a professional


If you think that cleaning using power washers is simply a matter of swishing and swooshing the nozzle around, you are sadly mistaken. As you have read already, you need to know when to change the pressure settings. You need to use the proper pressure. You also need to find a detergent that is friendly for your power washer if you happen to have one yourself. Untrained users can make careless mistakes that could damage parts of your home or could hurt other people. They would also have to spend more time to clean larger areas compared to how a professional can adeptly clean the same large area in a flash.


Don’t skimp on the professional if you really have no other viable choice, as your property’s integrity and appearance is on the line. If you think you are a klutz, you might want to have a professional come over to do power washing for you. You can let them handle the pressure washer if you already own one, or they can bring their own machine with them. They have the skills, briskness, and efficiency to have the job done right without breaking anything. So rest assured that you can rely on their services.




Cleaning is an unavoidable chore that all homeowners face. If you know how to use a power washer, make sure that you don’t make any of the common mistakes mentioned here when cleaning your home.


If you’re looking for a professional pressure washing service in Kalamzoo MI, Preferred Power Wash is your best option. Get in touch with us at 269.276.0200 to see how we can help.


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