Bow Hunting in South Africa Info

Bow Hunting in South Africa Info

Bow Hunt in South Africa

Bow hunting is a highly effective method of bringing down dangerous game animals in Africa. The use of a modern compound bow allows the archer to achieve very accurate shot placement. Unlike rifles which require the use of a rest, a bow requires the hunter to hold and steady the bow in order to achieve maximum accuracy. This method of hunting is becoming more popular amongst hunters due to its greater versatility and safety levels.

Bowhunting in south africa can be done all year round. However the winter months from late May through to early September are the best time to hunt as it is dry and the animal concentrations are high around waterholes.

When choosing your equipment for a safari you should consider the draw weight that will be required to kill your desired species of game. For small game like bushbuck, duiker and klipspringer a 25# KE with 350 gr arrows will suffice. For eland, kudu and gemsbok it is recommended that you shoot 70# KE or more.

The arrowheads you use are also important to consider. Removable blades, fixed blades and expandable blades have all proven to be effective on African game. For a successful safari it is recommended that you practice as much as possible with your bow or crossbow prior to departure. In addition to shooting at close range, it is important that you spend time shooting at longer distances, especially 60 meters as this will significantly improve your chances of success when hunting African game.


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