Hot Water Pressure Washing Kalamazoo MI

Hot Water Pressure Washing Kalamazoo MI

Hot Water Pressure Washing Kalamazoo MI

Preferred Power Wash – The Importance of Hot Water Pressure Washing

Kalamazoo Hot Water Pressure Washing  is quite a common service provided by many pressure cleaning companies. If you know anything about pressure washing, it is that the process requires a machine that heats water to extremely high temperatures in order to remove automotive fluids, cooking oil, grease, and grime from solid surfaces. You may be wondering why cold water is not used for this particular purpose. In this article, this common question will be addressed in detail.

Why Hot Water?

Heated water is much more effective at breaking down contaminants than cold water. For this reason, it comes as no surprise that many chain stores and restaurants are using hot water for their exterior cleaning. That being said, it does not mean that hot water is always required for cleaning.

For example, cold water is commonly used for washing dishes and clothes. Although there is no denying that hot water can clean your clothes and dishes better than cold water, there are some instances where the temperature of the water makes little to no difference at all. Still, when it comes to cleaning hard or concrete surfaces, such as shop floors, parking garages, or gas stations, heated water is always the better option.

Commercial kitchens usually have incredibly hot water at the faucets. That is because high-temperature water kills bacteria and sterilizes the surfaces. While your driveway or sidewalks may not benefit from sterilization, they can certainly benefit from heated water’s ability to emulsify contaminants. Again, extremely hot water can effectively and efficiently remove oils, grease, and other stubborn stains from the surface in a way that cold water never could.

Remove Chewing Gum From Concrete Surfaces with  Hot Water Pressure Washing Kalamazoo MI

If you are attempting to remove chewing gum from concrete surfaces, the most effective way to do so is, of course, with hot water or steam. With the combination of high pressure and high temperature, the gum can be melted away without causing damage to the concrete. Note that a high-pressure washer can cause permanent damage.

Therefore, an experienced technician should know better to use the proper nozzle that offers just the right amount of pressure to get rid of the gum without damaging the surface underneath it.

Keep in mind that not all concrete is the same. While some can withstand ultra-high pressure, others can be damaged even with very low pressures. Factors such as the concrete’s age, density, finish, quality, among others can determine the way concrete should be cleaned. Regardless, when removing chewing gum, cold water should absolutely be avoided.

How Hot Water Pressure Washing in Kalamazoo works

As mentioned hot water can break down contaminants very well. That is because they can do so at the molecular level, which allows more of the stain to be extracted from the porous surface. Also, hot water can break the bond between the debris and the surface, facilitating quick removal.

Apart from cleaning concrete surfaces, hot water pressure washers can also be great for heavy equipment cleaning, brick or paver cleaning, paint or coating removal, ice dam removal, as well as automotive parts cleaning.

If you’re looking for a Hot Water Pressure Washing in Kalamazoo MI professional and power washing service, Preferred Power Wash is your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


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