Is It better to have Microsuction earwax removal or Wet Ear Irrigation?

Which is better, Microsuction or Ear Irrigation for Earwax removal?

According to current medical reports Earwax removal by the the Dry Microsuction method is safer than Wet Irrigation.  Microsuction is a dry procedure of sucking out troublesome earwax, whereas wet irrigation consists of creating a flow of warm water under controlled pressure to remove the wax. Both methods are very safe but microsuction is the preferred choice of Audiologists especially if there are any underlying complications or for particularly stubborn wax.

Should you put Cotton Wool in your ears to remove earwax?

 It is not wise to use cotton wool in the ears if you have used “Earol” as the cotton wool will just absorb the olive oil and stop it from doing its work. Nor do we recommend self-syringing as this can push the ear wax further into your ear. We particularly recommend you avoid ear candles, as these do not remove ear wax at all and can potentially cause serious problems.

Should we Use “Earol” before having Microsuction?

You should ideally start to use use Earol for five to eight days before your microsuction appointment. This will make the proceedure much easier for the Audiologist to remove the earwax by Microsuction

Where can I get Microsuction earwax removal In Rochester?

Microsuction earwax removal in Rochester is available at a private Audiologists ear wax removal clinic in Rochester You can book an appointment at the Rochester microsuction ear wax removal clinic here. Or by visiting the Clinic.

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