Proper Roof Inspection Tips in Newport Beach

Proper Roof Inspection Tips in Newport Beach

Roof Inspection Tips For the Do-It-Yourselfer

The roof is a crucial part of your home and it requires a professional inspection at least once a year. A properly maintained roof will keep your home in tip top shape and reduce the risk of costly repairs down the road. Fortunately, there are some handy tips for determining whether or not your roof is in top notch condition.

Proper Roof Inspection Tips Newport Beach

For starters, you should always check the gutters. A properly installedĀ gutter system will ensure that water runs off the roof rather than pools on it. You should also check the downspouts. If they are improperly installed, they can cause flooding.

When inspecting your roof, don’t forget to check the gutters, the skylights and the roof valleys. These areas are typically the most susceptible to leaks and should be checked regularly.

Also, consider the best time to schedule a roof inspection. The end of summer is a good time for this. During this period, you’ll avoid potential damage due to winter weather.

To perform the proper roof inspection, you’ll need a sturdy ladder and good shoes with good traction. This is particularly true if you’re considering self-inspecting your roof. Thankfully, there are some helpful roof inspection tips for the do-it-yourselfer.

For instance, the roof’s soffit and fascia should be cleaned periodically. If they’re not, this is a sign of a problem that may need more than a little TLC.

Another important factor to consider is the amount of debris in your gutters. Debris can easily get in the way of your water runoff and will prevent your roofing system from functioning efficiently.


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