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Composting is something I do off and on. When I had my daughter eight months ago, composting got pushed to my “maybe later” list. Now spring is here and we are eating tons of fresh, local produce. For my next good deed, I have decided to get my compost pile started again.

I have a love/hate relationship with composting. I love that it is so good for our planet. Composting is a great way to reduce the load on our landfills. And the end result is rich, dark soil that is perfect for both flower and vegetable gardens.

I hate composting because I just can’t seem to get it right. First, I struggle with where to put the food scraps in my kitchen while they are waiting to go outside. I tried one of those nifty ceramic compost jars but we would fill it up super fast.

Which leads me to my second problem. I am lazy when it comes to taking our food scraps outside. I am lucky if I do it once a week. So I obviously need a container that can hold a week’s worth of scraps and contains any smells. I am intrigued by those electric kitchen composters and would love to give one of those a try someday.

Finally, we struggle with where to put our compost. We tried those large plastic compost bins. They also fill up really fast and we usually end up with a goopy smelly mess and lots of bugs. I also worry about keeping my compost in plastic since I plan to eventually use it in my vegetable garden.

So here is my compost plan this time around. I am going to use a large plastic tub to keep my food scraps in the kitchen. I am going to be better about taking the scraps outside before they start to stink! And I am going to start a compost pile instead of using a composting container.


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