Stress-Free Bold Bathroom Makeovers

Stress-Free Bold Bathroom Makeovers

Bold Bathroom Makeovers

Whether you’re redoing your primary bedroom en-suite or the hallway powder room, bold design choices are making waves when it comes to updating bathroom space. From reintroducing color to integrating stylish seating, these daring remodels offer a wealth of inspiration perfect to design a perfect bathroom.

The Right Color

Often, the quickest and most cost-effective way to transform a bathroom is with a coat of paint. Using a bold hue in an accent wall or on a shower curtain can instantly make a statement. Whether you opt for a subtle shade, such as the neutrals used by Nelums in this bathroom, or something more vibrant, like the green powder room by Decorilla, the color choice is sure to turn heads.

Even a small accent wall can make a big impact in a powder room. Choosing a wallpaper with a unique print, such as this fun chevron pattern by Grey Hunt Interiors, is the perfect way to add personality and visual interest to a small space.

A drab bathroom can quickly become an eyesore, particularly if its color scheme is muddy and dull. Removing the cluttered cabinets in this outdated bathroom allowed the redesigned vanity to shine and brought a sense of tranquility to the overall design.

In a guest bath, a colorful accent wall is a fun and unexpected choice that can also be easy to remove or change out when you tire of it. Using an ombre shade, such as the blue-to-pink walls seen here by Southern Living, offers a more gradual effect that is less overwhelming than painting the entire room.

Bold bathroom walls can be a stunning focal point, especially when used to frame a statement tub. Choosing a standout style, such as this freestanding tub from ASH NYC, ensures that the eye-catching piece will become the primary focus of any bathroom design.

Adding bold touches to your master bath is the best way to turn it into a full-fledged spa. Including features like a soothing rain shower head or a hand-held one with smart temperature control can transform your bathtub into a personal wellness center.

A bold vanity or console can also be a focal point when used as an island or a pedestal sink. In this updated bathroom by Emily Kates Design, a bold vanity with a beautiful blue wavy shape makes the whole room feel more luxurious.

While a bold vanity can provide a striking focal point, it’s also important to consider the color of the grout. Although it’s usually a bit of an afterthought, the grout can really make or break your bathroom design. Whether you opt for a traditional white or black, like in this bathroom from GreyHunt Interiors, or a bright pink, such as the one used in this half-bath from Decorilla, the grout’s color can make or break your bathroom’s look.

Adding a bold element like a statement tile, bold wallpaper, or a striking shower curtain can instantly transform any room. However, if you’re looking for a more gradual effect, try a contrasting tone on your wall tiles, such as the pale blue-to-white in this bathroom from Grey Hunt Interiors, to create a beautiful gradient that is both bold and timeless.


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