Capricorn Man Traits

These are the traits of the Capricorn man

Capricorn men are the keepers of the law – or so they think. That’s why they don’t find it difficult to point out their wrongdoing to others. They themselves always try to get everything right and not to step out of line. That is also the reason why some consider them boring. They actually tend to be too dogged about their duties and are more serious. But Mr. Capricorn can also develop a very dry sense of humor with which he makes others laugh. You just have to manage to get him out of the reserve. 

Capricorn men usually have a strong practical disposition, which is why they make good craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers. No hardware store is safe from them, because modern tools are almost status symbols for them. 

The hard-working Capricorn men can go a long way in the job because they are extremely ambitious and demonstrate stamina and assertiveness. It is not uncommon for them to be found in management positions. They prefer to work for themselves, teamwork is not their thing. Because who knows whether the other is as correct and reliable as you are. Mr. Capricorn is sometimes a little suspicious. That’s why it takes so long to gain your trust. 

He doesn’t fall in love easily. But if he forgives his heart, it will be forever. After all, he has put his loved one through their paces beforehand in order to keep the risk of disappointment as low as possible. The divorce rates among Capricorn men are then also lower than any other zodiac sign. 

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Job, finance, and success under the sign of Capricorn

No way is too far for Capricorns when they have set their sights on a goal that they desperately want to achieve. He can work hard for his success and stays on the ball even if things don’t go so well in between. He values ​​rules that he can use as a guide and takes care that others do not violate them. The policeman would therefore be a suitable profession for the Capricorn. 

Since he has the talent to concentrate on the essentials, he is never really bad financially. He would even get by just fine with little money, although his frugality would tend to amass a big plus on his account in the long run.


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