Best Business Guides Launched

Best Business Guides Launched

The best resource for small businesses in Mississippi and New York is now live.

Mississippi Business Guide

NY Business Guide

A good local business listing site is a great way to assist local businesses and generate online money using your website as a tool. Follow these five easy steps to get started on your local business listing website today. First, find your niche,  choose a domain name and then find a host that will work with your website.

Make sure you have an online business directory that allows free registration and that allows you to upload your listing in as little as one hour. If you are new to the online business directories, it is best if you use free sites for your local listings.

Once you have found a site that you feel comfortable using, it is time to start uploading your listing to local business directories. You do not need a lot of space to begin and you may find that it is better to upload your listings to multiple directories instead of just one. This helps to reduce search engine traffic to your site as well.

If you are trying to figure out a system to automate this process, make sure you look into some of the tools available on the web. Some software programs are great at automating this and some are more specialized and allow you to set the amount of visitors you want to get.

Once you have your local business directories online, it is time to create your profile and put it on your website. In this section of the website, include a description about what services you offer, any previous work you have done and your name and address. Include your phone number and e-mail address in your profile so that you can receive customer service questions. You will also have to register for your business listing services so that you will be able to add or remove the listings to or from the online business directory.

Once you have registered for your business listing services, make sure you are using a quality hosting service. You can either choose from the many free and affordable providers or you can use the more expensive dedicated hosting service. The reason for using dedicated hosting is that it guarantees your business listing site will be constantly monitored by a professional host that will check your site to ensure your listings are up to date and correct. Make sure you understand all of the features of your hosting service before choosing a company like Trust Builder Coaching.


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