How To Help Children To Learn English

Helping children learn English

Here are some tips that can help you to teach your child the English language.

6 Tips For Parents:

Watching English films: Almost every DVD has an English soundtrack, whereby you should choose a film that the child knows and likes to see. Set the English language with English subtitles depending on the age. 

Learning vocabulary: You can help your child through queries (with dictation), but the children also learn techniques such as the card index in class. 5 minutes of vocabulary each evening helps more than an hour once a week. But: Learning a foreign language is more than learning vocabulary. Let them tell you something: Have your child tell you something in English on a topic. 

Reading books: The school book publishers have extensive programs of English reading, ranging from simple texts to difficult literature. They are usually arranged according to years of study and often have a vocabulary list or text annotations. You will surely find something suitable for your child’s taste and language level. Independent reading is very effective as it demands a lot of self-activity and works with the imagination of the pupils. 

English-language magazines: These can be read early as they encourage you to look up words. However, weekly or monthly magazines are more suitable, as daily newspapers often use their own jargon. 

Educational software: Educational games are particularly popular in the beginning class, which are available for almost every console. However, the following applies here: good advice and research on the Internet, as they are quite expensive. 

Dictionaries: A great help is your own dictionary, as your child can use it to access unknown texts independently and learn how to use the dictionary independently. Important: English is not a dead language, so do not give the child the dictionary from their own school days!). An Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary should be purchased for high school, which can also be used in the Abitur. Learning in groups: Learning in pairs or in groups is much more effective than learning alone and is also more fun. Help your child meet up with friends or classmates, or an English tutor to learn English.


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