How to teach math effectively?

Math is a subject little appreciated by students. Moreover, it is the one where the number of support courses produced is the highest. This statistic is presented as much to colleges and high schools. Teachers must then find the necessary means to improve their results whether they are tenured or give tutoring courses. Here are some tips for teaching math effectively:

Create a passion for math in students

To arouse students’ interest in math, it is first necessary to create in them a passion for this subject. Indeed, it is psychologically proven that the centers of interest, that is to say, the passions, create in an individual the desire to invest or work. This step is then necessary in order to capture their attention. Fortunately, it can be developed. To achieve this goal, students must be shown the usefulness of math. It is also about sharing with them the benefits they will receive by learning the various theorems, calculation methods, etc. We have to find the necessary methods to make them like this material.

Choose the right method

The teacher must first create passion in the students by showing them the usefulness of math. For this second step, we must adopt the appropriate pedagogy. The best way is to be creative. In tutoring, the courses are oriented more towards the realization of several exercises. It is in these various exercises that it is then most necessary to show originality and to let your imagination speak. It would be necessary to write exercises which are inspired by situations encountered in daily life such as a humorous subject, a subject which fascinates according to their age such as sport, etc. This would help students better understand mathematics and its use. In addition, this would allow them to get out of terms that are too technical leading to a bad misunderstanding. Indeed, some students encounter blockages in relation to poor self-esteem regarding this subject. Math would become a game for them. It will then be easier to make them progress in this subject.

Provide good working methods at home

Once the students have started to appreciate and work well with math, it is now time to give them the best methods to continue in this progression. They are now more receptive to learning math. They can vary from one teacher to another according to his habits and also from one student to another according to his strengths. Indeed, it is necessary to know how to identify the one which corresponds most to the student to have the best result in learning. For example, there is the creation of a review sheet with formulas, theorems, etc. used as a reminder during revisions. The exercises themselves can also be considered as a method. It is a question of improving the practice to have a better comprehension each time by studying different cases in each exercise. It will be the role of the teacher to identify the one suitable for his students and guide them to become better at math.

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