Sites to learn anything online for free

Those with time to browse the internet could take advantage of the ingenuity of some websites designed to make it easy to learn something that can be better computer use or other non-computer related activities such as playing or writing.

When you think you are just wasting your time in front of your computer writing nonsense on Facebook or reading boring news, it may be time to open one of these sites that we can catalog among the smartest to learn new things.

1) Sites to learn to read faster

Thanks to some web apps like Spreeder it is possible to experiment and practice fast reading, which allows you to read any text in an ultra-fast way by scrolling the words like in karaoke.

To these, we can also add the Memorize Now site to learn by heart quickly

2) Sites to learn new languages

Duolingo is just one of the many websites that provide free online language and English courses and, above all, the possibility of learning them by speaking live with native speakers around the world, teaching them Italian.

3) Instructables

Although in English, this is a unique and special site that contains tutorials and guides for doing just about anything. You can learn how to make pasta, how to build a computer, how to create a mobile case, and many other DIY and bricolage things.

The KhanAcademy site is also excellent, where you can find guides to learn anything online and for free.

4) Sites to learn programming by playing

These websites are ideal for those who want to start learning the basics of online programming, applying interactively, and without boring manuals. These are very intelligent sites with games, challenges, and courses that allow you to learn the main computer programming languages.


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